Why did 90 PI lawyers meet up in October?

Here’s my theory:

  1. They care about justice and the rights of the individual, and show their support by turning up
  2. They want to hear what their colleagues are seeing around the country, to be right on top of developments
  3. They want to work together to shape policy for the benefit of their clients, to make a difference
  4. They like to be inspired by those fighting the good fight, to remember why they do what they do
  5. Because occ asionally they like to have fun and relax.

My highlights were:

  • the civil justice award
  • the presentation on the topic “Do lawyers have rights?”
  • Tom Ballantyne’s comprehensive presentation on the NDIS
  • being part of the Disability Insurance Special Interest Group panel
  • Emily and Nick’s presentation “The year that’s been in law reform”.

Thanks to the Australian Lawyers Alliance for a fantastic national conference 2015.