What lawyers need to know about the NDIS and NIIS

In July 2015 Jane Campbell presented a paper at the Australian Lawyers Alliance Medical Law Conference in Sydney.

She spoke on the topic "What lawyers need to know about the NDIS and NIIS".

Key points:

  • the NDIS and NIIS are big reforms which are significantly changing the environment which people with disabilities, and their lawyers, must navigate
  • both focus on the delivery of "reasonable and necessary" care supports, not income
  • the NDIS is much needed and supported by the ALA and the broader community
  • it may be overwhelmed by demand
  • funding remains unresolved
  • lack of workforce planning is a serious problem
  • accommodation has not been addressed
  • the NIIS is driving change for those who have been injured 
  • we need to be alert to the risk that we may end up seeing:
    • less compensation overall
    • less choice and control, and
    • more people needing income support.

Hopefully governments will focus on delivering the NDIS before rushing into removing the common law rights of injured people which deliver real choice and certainty in an otherwise uncertain and rapidly changing environment. 

To read Jane's paper click on the following link: Jane Campbell on What lawyers need to know about the NDIS and NIIS