People power triumphs - NSW Surety Bond Scheme scrapped!

Congratulations to all the hardworking parents and carers of protected people in NSW for their lobbying success in having the NSW Surety Bond Scheme cancelled.

The scheme sought to impose a significant cost on all protected persons with non-trustee company private managers. It would have greatly discouraged family members from taking on the unpaid (and onerous) role of financial manager.

Parents and carers protested the lack of data to support the need for such a scheme and the lack of consideration given to alternative options, such as better support for private managers.

The successful challenge by 'CTS' to the legality of the scheme  ('CTS' v NSW Trustee and Guardian [2017] NSWCATAD 217) involved a lot of research and hard work. 

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) is proud to have assisted in articulating the case against the scheme; in meetings with the NSW Trustee & Guardian and also in our recent meeting with the Attorney General.

The ALA's recent submission to the KPMG inquiry into the scheme can be found here.