Compensation and Medicare

Two common questions come up about Medicare in the context of a personal injury settlement – what happens at the time of settlement and what happens after that?

1.    Compensation Recovery

The Medicare compensation recovery process ensures that if you get compensation of more than $5,000 you will first need to repay Medicare for any benefits you received from them.

The person paying your compensation payment, usually an insurer, has to notify Medicare of the compensation settlement within 28 days.

Usually they will send to Medicare an Advance Payment, which is equal to 10% of the total settlement sum.

Medicare then sends you a Medicare history statement and you need to indicate which items related to your accident or injury.

After Medicare works out how much needs to be repaid they will refund the balance to you.

2.    Medicare after settlement

Once your case is over and you have repaid what you owed to Medicare you will be able to access Medicare normally, just like before your accident or injury.

If you have any queries please contact, your lawyer or Medicare.