Our Mission

For Families

Aeran ensures the best long-term outcomes for injured people and their families

For Lawyers

Aeran is the first choice for lawyers wanting financial peace of mind for their clients


We go beyond financial advice to help all parties navigate the complex legal environment


We are fully independent and provide advice services meeting the highest standards of professionalism


We Help Families


It's not enough.

It's never enough to make up for what's happened to you and your family.

But now you need to make the most of what has been hard won.

The decisions you make right now will set the course for the rest of your life.

We know what to do and how to do it. We can help you through.

You've battled through for your client.

Your guidance now can protect them for the rest of their life.

They trust you implicitly and know that your concern for
their welfare extends beyond the settlement date.

Independence really matters when it comes to financial advice.

Referring your client to Aeran will protect your legacy
of professionalism and care.


25 Years of Caring


Aeran is built on Jane Campbell's vast experience in working for better outcomes for injured people and their families.

Jane and her team ensure that proven technical excellence
is delivered with a warm and human face.

Our independence means that we are always working in your interests.

Aeran Adventures

A blog journey into personal injury and financial advice.


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We'll take care of you and your family.