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At first it seems like your settlement is a lot of money. Then you realise that it has to last you for the rest of your life.

Expenses can be very high. There are the up-front costs of setting up for your life ahead. Then there are the ongoing costs of obtaining the help and equipment that you need. Without careful management, your settlement funds can quickly be reduced.

The Aeran team has helped hundreds of families like yours to understand the financial challenges ahead and to plan confidently for the future.

How Aeran Helps

The Aeran Difference

How Aeran Helps

Child injured in motor vehicle accident

Our son was injured in a motor vehicle accident as a baby. It was a long road to getting compensation. He's 14 now. We needed to wait and see what impact his injuries would have on his capacities.

Our lawyer explained that we would need to select a trustee company to look after the money. She gave us the names of two companies and we talked to them about how it all works. In the end we chose the one who seemed to best understand us and what we want for our son.

Now that it's all in place it is a relief to know that the money is there when we need it.

Wife injured in hospital

My wife suffered a brain injury when things went wrong in hospital. It was something we never expected and it's taken a long time for me to come to terms with the situation.

I am my wife's full time carer now. It was impossible to keep working and looking after the kids.

At first I didn't like the idea of getting a trustee and financial manager, but now I'm glad. It's taken a lot of the stress and paperwork away from me. I'm not an expert in financial matters, but I like the fact that I'm always consulted and kept up to date. My main focus is my wife.

My work injury

My work injury means I won't be able to go back to my old job. I did try after the accident but I kept getting worse and my doctor helped me face facts.

I had planned to retire at 65 so I knew that the money I received would not only have to keep me going until then but also to give me a decent sort of retirement.

It was good to find a financial adviser I could trust and who I knew was an expert helping people like me.

Bereaved relatives

When my husband died I fell apart. He looked after the money side of things and I didn't know where to start.

His employer and the union were good to me. They pointed me in the direction of good legal and financial advice.

The lump sum that came to my daughter is now in a trust and can grow until she turns 18, or we might use some of it for her education. I've been able to pay off the mortgage.

Planning ahead with terminal illness

Mum was always a battler and she fought hard against asbestosis. But she knew what lay ahead and wanted to sort things out before she passed.

We helped her to find someone who knows about what you need to do. We needed someone kind and compassionate who could also act quickly when time was running out.

We did get everything sorted and I know that helped Mum rest easy in the end.

Class action settlements

We first heard about the class action from our neighbour. We had all been impacted.

The whole legal thing took a long time but led to a good result. We had a lot of costs and decisions to make.

The money gave us some options. Getting good advice was important to make sure we made the right decisions.

Making do without compensation

My daughter was born with a disability and my husband and I have always looked after her at home.

We've had the resources to give her a good life so far. But we always worry about what will happen if something happens to us.

We wanted to make smart decisions now and needed a plan. Leaving it all up to the government when we're gone is a scary thought.

Seeing a financial adviser who understood our world was great. Now we can focus on implementing our plan.