Our Team


At Aeran, everything we do is directed towards improving financial outcomes for injured people and their families.

We are an independent, best practice provider of financial advice, focusing on advising families where a family member has a disability.

We are an active community participant; engaging with lawyers, insurers, governments and industry groups.

Our people have a commitment to and an ability to deliver excellence.

Team Members

Our team members combine top quality advice, legal and financial skills with process, technology and management excellence.


Jane Campbell 

Jane Campbell is the principal of Aeran and her culture of caring is reflected in everything that the Aeran team does.

While studying commerce and law at Melbourne University, Jane worked for an insurance company in workers' compensation.

After completing her degrees and working as a lawyer in insurance litigation, she realised that she wanted to focus on improving outcomes for injured people and their families.

Jane then spent a year in the U.S. working with a specialist compensation company.

On her return to Australia, Jane spent years successfully lobbying the Australian government to improve the tax treatment of compensation payments - to give injured people more choice and certainty.

Jane then transitioned into financial advice, undertaking training and working as a financial adviser focusing on injured people, but with broad exposure to financial planning.

Jane is now a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, the highest qualification available for financial advisers. To be admitted as a CFP® professional, Jane was required to pass an advanced education program, as well as meet requirements around ethics and experience.

Jane has focused on financial advice for injured people since 2003, including as national manager for an advice business owned by one of Australia's largest financial services companies.

With the benefit of this experience, Jane realised that the way that she could most help injured people was to provide fully independent financial advice with the best possible client service.

This led to the Aeran of today.

Even now, as a leader within a busy and growing financial services business, Jane makes time to contribute to the personal injury community, speaking publicly on issues affecting injured people, contributing to industry forums and engaging with Governments.

Aeran clients enjoy direct access to Jane and see her warmth and compassion reflected in their every interaction with the Aeran team.


Andrew Campbell

Andrew is Aeran's Managing Director, responsible for building, managing and improving the organisational infrastructure to deliver Aeran's culture of caring to our clients.

In addition to his management duties, Andrew personally provides financial advice to selected Aeran clients, in particular those based in regional areas.

Andrew has a Masters in Business Administration in addition to his financial planning studies extending over two decades.

Andrew's first work was in IT, culminating in a role as the Australian managing director for a global software company specialising in customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Andrew moved into the financial services industry as a management consultant, leading programs that focused on using technology to address issues with how large financial services organisations do the right thing for their customers. This included years spent developing and implementing a solution for a big four bank that monitors the activities of financial planners. This solution has been demonstrated to ASIC and is seen as leading the industry.

Andrew is passionate about constantly improving Aeran's management, processes and infrastructure so that Aeran's team members are free to focus on improving outcomes for injured people and their families.


Joe Felizzi

Joe is a Senior Adviser and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® with long experience in personal injury financial advice.

Joe’s clients are delighted with his deep understanding of them and the challenges that they face.

His personal integrity and warmth is reflected in the wonderful bond of trust that he forms with clients and their families, often spanning many years.

Open and straightforward, Joe reflects Aeran’s values in being truly focused on achieving great long-term outcomes for clients and their families.

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Dave Robertson

Dave is a Financial Adviser based in Queensland, currently juggling his busy work and family commitments while completing his Masters in Financial Planning.

Dave’s down-to-earth charm is backed by an insightful and sharp mind, a wealth of experience in financial planning, technical excellence and an ability to explain complex concepts clearly.

Sam Rutton

Aeran’s Senior Adviser based in Western Sydney with more than 10 years of advice experience, Sam is in the final stages of adding the CFP certification to his existing two bachelors and two masters degrees.

Sam’s clients value his warmth and enthusiasm, and deep technical knowledge of financial advice.

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Kath Echano

Working closely with Gigi in Aeran’s admin team, Admin Assistant Kath helps drive the complex record-keeping and data management requirements of a modern advice business like Aeran.

Kath holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Operations Management.

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Charmaine Erasquin

An advice powerhouse, Paraplanner Charmaine is instrumental in helping to deliver the hundreds of hand-crafted advice documents prepared for our clients each year.

In addition, Charmaine is a key contributor in building our bespoke advice document process within Aeran; authoring many valuable articles on best practice in our internal knowledge base.

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Natalie Follett

Aeran’s versatile Business Improvement Manager, Natalie has long experience as a management consultant delivering complex projects throughout the UK and Europe.

Natalie’s wonderful skill set allows her to contribute across Aeran’s business, including helping prospective and new Aeran clients to navigate the unique legal and administrative processes of the personal injury financial advice world.

Natalie is also instrumental in driving our continuous improvement agenda; across process, systems and documentation.

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Melanie Lakeman

The founding member of our paraplanning team, Lead Paraplanner Melanie is famous at Aeran for her ground-breaking work on foundation statements of advice.

With many of our clients having switched to Aeran from our competitors, Melanie set the tone for our highly-detailed first advice documents for transferring clients.

Thanks to Melanie’s diligence, Aeran was able to assist in the recovery of many hundreds of thousands of dollars of fees over-charged by previous providers.

Aeran advice quickly gained a reputation for excellence – detailed information provided in plain English in a clear and logical format.

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Merry Magbanua

As an independent financial services licence-holder, Aeran’s success in delivering our mission requires that our business be carefully managed to be compliant and financially sustainable over the long term.

Accounting Specialist Merry leads our financial management team, helping to ensure compliance with our ASIC licence terms, delivering financial reporting and analysis, and providing accounting services to our advisers and paraplanners.

Merry’s eagle eye and patient and careful approach both protects our clients today and ensures that Aeran will be around to help them for many years to come.

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Penelope McWilliam

Penelope has a Bachelor of Commerce, a Diploma in Financial Planning and over 20 years in the financial planning industry.

Having held a variety of senior roles in Australia’s retail and investment banks, she has experience in paraplanning, team management and financial planning software.

In addition to her excellent paraplanning skills, Penelope has enhanced our culture of continuous improvement at Aeran by transforming our business processes since joining the team in 2017.

Penelope brings a focus to process efficiency and clear, consistent communication across the Aeran team and with our valued clients.

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Camille Romas

Accountant Camille supports Aeran’s internal financial management processes and provides accounting support to advisers and paraplanners, including fee calculations and reconciliations, and reporting to trustee companies.

Camille provides valuable input into financial management discussions, with a clear voice supporting Aeran’s culture of doing the right thing by the client every time.

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Michele Umlandt

Lead Paraplanner Michele is the epitome of a quality advice paraplanner.

Gentle and unassuming, Michele crafts complex advice documents of the highest quality.

As Aeran’s advice documents are written to a quality standard, not to a time or cost limit, Michele can take on the most complex of advice tasks and regularly does so, with the time and space to tease out exactly the right nuances of detail and expression to meet a client’s needs.

Michele makes further time to mentor and encourage others within the team.

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Gigi Zulueta

An organisational dynamo, Executive Assistant Gigi and her team are invaluable at managing the vast amount of client and partner communications of a busy advice practice.

Whether drafting specialist legal documents to help lawyers with compensation cases, organising Aeran’s annual conferences, providing clients and trustees with super-responsive service to document requests, or keeping our advisers moving with air tickets and accommodation, Gigi and her team do it all - and with a smile!

Thanks to Gigi and her team, Aeran’s management of client data and service responsiveness continues to surprise and delight both internal and external stakeholders.