Many people are concerned about the constant headlines reflecting poor practices by large financial services organisations.

It may surprise you to know that most companies and individuals providing financial advice have a financial relationship with a few, very large providers - the large banks and a few others. In exchange for use of a financial services licence and other services, financial advisers recommend the products of the large provider.

Aeran is different.

With Aeran team members having held senior positions in several of these large providers, we formed the view that the interests of injured people and their families are best served through being a completely independent financial advice firm.

Aeran has obtained its own financial services licence through ASIC and can commit to being independent, impartial and unbiased. The use of these three words are controlled by ASIC - you won't see them on any material from the vast majority of financial advice providers.

As an Aeran client, you still have access to the same investments that are provided by the banks and large providers, but you can be confident that we are only making recommendations that are in your interest, and that the only payments of any kind that we receive are directly from you with your full knowledge and agreement.