Bigger is not always better

You're keenly aware of the problems and conflicts that beset the financial service industry. The profits-first culture of large organisations has come into sharp focus in recent years. However, your clients may not be aware of industry developments and may be heavily influenced by decades of marketing.

How can you best protect your client and your reputation?

Aeran has a different approach to our large competitors.

We have a client-first culture that stems from independence at multiple levels:

  • as an independent provider ourselves, we rely solely on our reputation based on the quality of our work
  • we utilise a highly reputable, independent specialist firm to oversee our compliance
  • our team's training and professional development are externally monitored and managed; and
  • our research provider is a leading independent provider.

Additionally, unlike in large organisations, Aeran's directors review and approve all financial advice before it is issued.

We believe that this approach best protects your client and your reputation.

If you or your client have an existing relationship with a provider, consider giving your client Aeran's details in addition.  You'll be confident that you've done the right thing by your client.

In the event that we're not the right fit, we will communicate that to you and your client quickly and openly, including a referral to a competitor where appropriate.